Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation
At the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin, we provide advice and representation to clients throughout Southern California involved in real property transactions or real estate disputes which may require litigation or other legal intervention to resolve.

Brokers, agents, and other real estate professionals are concerned with speed. As your attorney, we are concerned with making sure that all documents are correct and that your rights are protected at every stage of real property transactions and ownership. Whether buying or selling, we provide the guidance and representation to make sure your best interests are adequately reflected when the deal is reached.

Sometimes a real property transaction cannot go forward until certain matters are settled. We work to repair title defects and end title disputes through quiet title actions, attacking fraudulent deed conveyances, and other actions. Our office handles real estate litigation matters across the spectrum of property law, including the following:

Border Disputes
Property lines may be well-defined on the record books, but in practice one property owner may encroach upon a neighbor’s property when erecting a fence or making other improvements to the property. Also, one neighbor’s building project may obstruct or impair another’s view or block natural sunlight. These matters should be dealt with promptly before the property owner loses valuable rights.

California law requires the seller to complete a transfer disclosure statement that accurately and adequately describes the condition of the property, including any premises defects. In addition, the transfer disclosure statement should detail any easements or other encumbrances as well as any nuisances or hazards nearby such as noise or pollution. Failure to disclose may implicate the seller personally as well as the seller’s agent or broker under principles of professional malpractice.

Professional Malpractice
Agents and brokers have certain fiduciary duties and responsibilities to the people they work with. For instance, they may not engage in any self-dealing or other activity which would be a conflict of interest with their client. Just as with medical malpractice, when a professional’s breach of duty causes injury to another, the injured party is entitled to be compensated for the damages caused.

The Right Help at the Right Time
Every piece of land is unique, and where money damages are not an adequate remedy, we will seek specific performance of the contract. What is important is to achieve the results that best meet your needs, and those are the results we seek when negotiating or litigating on your behalf. In Los Angeles and Southern California, contact the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin for quality legal advice and representation in your real estate matter.