Dangerous Products

Dangerous Products

Manufacturers have a duty to produce products that are safe for their intended use and any reasonably foreseeable use, and whenever manufacturers breach that duty by producing a dangerously defective product, the Southern California Law Offices of Steven L. Martin stand ready to hold the manufacturing giants accountable for the injuries they have caused.

A product may be abnormally dangerous due to a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a failure to warn against inherent dangers. Regardless of the type of defect, a manufacturer may be liable for allowing such a dangerous product to enter the stream of commerce and find its way to an unsuspecting victim.

Design Defects

A product may be defectively designed, so that every unit manufactured will have the same defect. An automobile may be constructed so that it rolls over too easily or explodes on impact, or a power tool or household appliance may be made without an automatic shut-off or safety guard. Although every defectively designed product may not immediately fail, when one does fail at a critical moment, the injury it causes can be quite serious or deadly. Litigation can compensate the injured for their injuries and also force the manufacturer to choose a safer design for its product.

Manufacturing Defects

When a product is defectively manufactured, only one unit may be defective, or a problem on the assembly may create hundreds or thousands of defective units before the defect is noticed, often times only after several injuries have been reported. The manufacturer may be liable for every injury caused. When many units are defective, the product is often recalled, and the manufacturer may find itself facing a class action lawsuit.

Defective Safety Warnings

Some products are inherently dangerous and cannot be made completely safe and still work as intended. Products in this category include power tools, household cleaners and other products which are flammable or emit noxious chemicals, such as gasoline or kerosene. While these products may include some safety features, it is equally important that the products contain clear and conspicuous safety warnings, and adequate instructions about how to use the product properly. Products that lack sufficient instructions or safety warnings may be considered defective for the purpose of products liability law.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

There are many different theories under which to press a claim against a manufacturer of a dangerous product, including negligence, strict liability, and breach of an express or implied warranty. Our firm is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each legal theory and will pursue the theory or theories which best match the facts of the individual case. For experienced representation that is both caring and competent, contact the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin for a free consultation.