Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation
The Law Offices of Steven L. Martin practices throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, making sure that clients in the construction industry have their projects completed on time and to specification, litigating where necessary issues involving breach of contract, alleged construction defects, late payments and other construction industry legal matters.

Construction projects typically involve many different contractors and subcontractors in order to create the finished project. Each contractor’s work is essential to the project as a whole and often cannot be separated from the project. When a contractor does not complete the job correctly, the remedy may be quite expensive. For instance, if a plumber or electrician does not install the plumbing or wiring up to code, the repair time and costs can be extensive. When a contractor hired to build an addition does not complete the job correctly, the remedy may cost more than the original addition. We work to minimize the impact on the client and to make the client whole for any time or expense lost due to nonperforming or incompetent parties.

Our office also represents contractors who are sued by homeowners or who do not get paid, often for fraudulent reasons or deceptive excuses.

Construction Contracts
Construction projects represent large investments of time and money on the part of buyers, investors, lenders, contractors and suppliers. Every day of a construction project is money out of somebody’s project. We work to resolve disputes quickly and effectively, while at all times watching out for our client’s best interests. Our office assists in a variety of construction claims, including:

Payment bonds and performance bonds
Change orders
Stop orders
Denial of insurance
Code compliance
Mechanic’s liens
Negligence and Construction Defects
Negligence in building construction can produce patent or latent defects that are either immediately apparent, or may take months or years to surface, creating a complicated case. Also, a given defect may be the fault of any number of contractors and subcontractors, or design professionals such as engineers and architects. Pinpointing the cause and identifying the responsible party requires knowledge and experience of construction claims. Common types of construction defects include:

Design defects
Structural defects
Poor or defective workmanship
Soil and slope instability or drainage problems
Using substandard materials
Negligently-installed wiring, plumbing, and HVAC
Experienced Construction Litigation Attorney
Attorney Steven L. Martin is experienced in construction litigation and is well-versed in the technical issues that often go along with resolution of matters involving the construction industry. If you have a construction-related legal matter in need of resolution, contact the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin for solid advice and effective representation.