Business Litigation

Business Litigation
With over 30 years of experience trying cases in the courts of Los Angeles and Southern California, the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin provide valuable, effective assistance in business litigation matters ranging from transactional advice to contract disputes, business fraud, and lawsuit defense.

Business Transactions Advice and Representation
Many entrepreneurs make their success by taking risks and finding creative solutions to problems that others would simply walk away from. Still, it is important that deals be carefully thought through in advance, so that any risks and potential problems are identified and dealt with. We assist clients from the very beginning stages, offering advice and guidance when structuring deals. Throughout the negotiations process, we are there to review documents and consult on contractual issues.

Contract Disputes
Contracts are the lifeblood of business transactions, and countless oral and written contracts are entered into every day with customers, suppliers, vendors, employees and independent contractors and more. No matter how much care is taken in conducting transactions, it is inevitable that disputes will arise. When a breach of contract or other dispute requires litigation to resolve, you want to be sure that your rights and interests are protected and not lost due to trying to handle the matter yourself or hiring inexperienced legal counsel. Trust an experienced business litigation attorney to find a successful resolution to your dispute, whether it be through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial in court.

A whole class of business torts exists to deal with unfair business practices, deceptive trade practices, and other types of business fraud. Fraudulent business dealings may occur in any number of ways. For example, liquidation professionals may commit fraud by selling their own merchandise in a store that is closing, cheating the store owner out of desperately-needed profits. From defamation to unfair competition, our firm shines a light on fraudulent transactions and helps business clients regain what was taken from them through dishonesty and unfair dealing.

Business Defense
There are many laws enacted to protect consumers and individuals, and our office represents victims of consumer fraud across a range of issues. However, at times individuals abuse the laws and sue businesses in hopes of a quick cash settlement or an easy payday. We defend businesses in those instances to make sure they are not being unfairly taken advantage of. Our practice extends to all manner of premises liability (trip and fall) lawsuits as well as claims involving access or accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar laws.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation
For help with a business litigation matter in Southern California, trust the firm that so many others have relied upon for creative problem-solving, fair and aggressive representation, and positive, effective results. Contact the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin.